Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hello gardeners!

Welcome to my new website, dedicated to gardeners and gardening clubs!

First of all, well done for being gardeners! I find the whole thing one big hassle, as you'll glean from my rhymes. Personally, wandering about over a garden, dreaming about how it could be, with the wave of a magic wand, or thinking up a verse about how it'll never happen and the unfairness of it all, seems much less taxing and more relaxing than actually doing anything about it - like getting off those trampled shoots.

So rather than slave away over my own patch, I let it grow almost as wild as the fields beyond, and use the wilderness and its ever-changing sky-drop as a source of inspiration for word play and rhyme craft, and rather than stuff all my scribbles into a drawer, I offer them around to gardening clubs in the form of a one-hour entertainment, complete with commentary and the odd (very odd, probably) song with ukulele or guitar.

You'll find details on the other pages. Please feel free to contact me at any time for further details, or to discuss any ideas or possibilities for event arrangements.

I'll be swapping some of the rhymes in and out through the year, roughly in line with the seasons. These current ones are really hangers-on from harvest time, so I'm behind already - great start! But keep an eye out: my winter lot are on their way.

Happy non-gardening, i.e. time off, and don't tell me there are still things to be done out there in this murky, miserable, Halloween gloaming! I don't want to know.


Kate Williams
Rhymester for gardeners
(Also published children's poet)
Tel. 01446 760124

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