Saturday, 28 March 2015

Happy Gardening Easter!


Hope you gardeners are all geared up for a peaceful Easter in your spring gardens, with your mowers and trimmers and chain saws and strimmers and rotivators and generators and... ear plugs.

With global warming really coming into its own now, we're set for a warm, balmy Easter break, and what with all those spring bulbs lined up, waiting for good homes in the soil, which in turn is probably waiting in a packet, or under last year's weeds, it looks to be a pretty busy Easter too. But let's try and make sure 'warm' doesn't boil up into 'hot under the collar', and 'balmy' doesn't become 'barmy', and 'break' doesn't crack up into 'break down' - oh - and that next door get a minute or two's peace between your machines... or is it the other way round in your case?

This is also a time for programme planning and speaker bookings: I'm taking bookings at the moment for this year and early next, but please note that I'm currently only planning as far as spring 2016.

I'm also open to requests for personalised poems, or purchase of poems from my website. Please contact me to discuss any thoughts or requests.

Happy Easter!


Tel. 01446 760124

PS: If you're a teacher as well, you might like to browse my other website, featuring poems for and by children, and workshops for schools:

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