Monday, 1 June 2015

June Jungle

Ah, summer at last! How lovely the garden looks! (At a distance.)


Summer is here -
the shrubs are flowering!

Slugs are here,
deftly devouring.

Courgette Crisis

Is your kitchen spacious?
Long and not too narrow?
Could you do a favour?
Could you take a marrow?

It won't fit in your basket,
and it's far too big to clutch.
I'll wheel it round in the barrow.
Thank you oh, so much!

Celery Stress

Won't you take some celery?
Not a single stick?
A slice or two in a nice beef stew
won't make you feel sick!


Mowing the lawn is relaxing -
really quite a delight,
and lucky that's so,
for as we know,
there ain't no end in sight.


More summery rhymes coming soon.

Happy gardening!


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Thank you.


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